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Campeão Djokovic, cada vez mais número um. Análise e entrevista.

Se 2011 foi o grande ano da carreira de Djokovic, ganhando o Australian Open, Wimbledon e o US Open, 2012 viu o tenista conseguir se manter no topo, disputando três das quatro finais de Grand Slam e ganhando o mesmo torneio em Melbourne. A temporada 2013, com o tricampeonato consecutivo na Rod Laver Arena, começa consolidando a condição de número um do mundo do sérvio.

Djokovic Australian Open campeao

Com muito menos drama, emoção e horas em quadra do que no ano passado quando precisou de 5h53min para derrotar Rafael Nadal, Djokovic venceuAndy Murray por 6/7(2) 7/6(3) 6/3 6/2 para conquistar o inedito tricampeonato consecutivo do Australian Open, na Era Aberta, o quarto da carreira na Oceania e o 6º Grand Slam para a sua coleção.

Federer, Nadal, o próprio Murray, ganham um ou outro torneio de vez em quando, mas aos pouquinhos Djokovic vai dominando o mundo do tênis, conquistando os sonhos de criancinha. Desde pequeno ele já dizia querer ser número um do mundo.

E o mais interessante é que faz tudo isso de uma maneira intensa e leve ao mesmo tempo. Fico perplexa como ele consegue dar conta de tanta coisa e fazer tudo parecer parte do trabalho, normal e divertido.

É intrigante – e isso ele não conseguiu explicar bem – como consegue jogar mais de 4 horas e voltar para a quadra 48h depois e derrotar Tomas Berdych, sem problemas e em seguida arrasar David Ferrer? Não reclamou das horas em quadra, do cansaço, apenas disse que estava fazendo tudo legalmente possível para estar em forma. E estava.

Entre um jogo e outro ele ainda se diverte. Entrou na quadra vestido de médico, no jogo dos Seniors, para acudir Henri Leconte; li que até algumas palavras em chinês ele falou com Jie Zheng; e muitas outras coisas que ele deve ter feito para se divertir que fogem aos nossos olhos.

A vinda dele ao Brasil, alguns dias depois de ganhar o Masters, mostraram a disposição e vontade dele de aproveitar o momento incrível. Mas até aqui fiquei surpresa com a quantidade de coisas que ele fez e todas parecendo curtir cada momento.

Ele tirou férias e que não foram muito longas e agora já está de novo com um trofeu de Grand Slam na mão.

A entrevista coletiva da vitória em Melbourne  – coloco alguns trechos – acho que dá para entender um pouquinho como funciona a mente do supercampeão Djokovic. Um tenista determinado, em busca da vitória, consagração, sucesso, que sabe o papel que tem no esporte, mas que consegue fazer as obrigações do dia-a-dia se tornarem, de certa maneira, prazerosas.

Djokovic Melbourne


Q. How hard was that match for you tonight?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: It’s hard. I mean, when you play one of your biggest rivals and somebody that is in the top form in finals of a Grand Slam, there is a lot to play for. I think it went 2 hours, 20 minutes, the first two sets. I think that says enough about the intensity of the match. I kind of expected that. I knew that it’s going to be physically very demanding, a lot of long rallies, so I needed to hang in there. I’ve done that. There was a few turning points in the match. Maybe one of them was the second game in the second set when I was Love-40 against the breeze. He missed a few shots. I managed have that crucial hold. After that I felt just mentally a little bit lighter and more confident on the court than I’ve done in the first hour or so.

 Q. How does this compare with the others you’ve won, the feeling?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Every tournament, especially the major tournaments, is very special. So every win, of course also adding to that the history part, you know, winning it three in a row,it’s incredible. It’s very thrilling. I’m full of joy right now. It’s going to give me a lot of confidence for the rest of the season, that’s for sure.

Q. Andre Agassi always played verywell in this tournament. You got the trophy from him tonight. Is there something similar in your attitudes, styles, that means you tend to start the season in such terrific form?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Maybe the style of clothing that we had. He had many colors and I love colors, so on that regard maybe there is some similarities. But, no, also he’s I think one of the players that changed the game – not just the game itself, but also the way the people see it. He’s a legend of the sport, of course. He had so much success. He won everything: Gold medal, Olympic Games, Grand Slam, everything.vAlso he made a huge impact on the sport by changing the style. He was I think one of the first baseline groundstroke players on the tour. Most of the players before him were playing serve and volley. That’s where the game startedvto change a bit and you could have more players winning the events from the baseline. So it was obviously a big pleasure and honor for me to receive the trophy from him.

Q. What are your goals for the rest of the season? Is the French Open a priority for you now?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Priority for me now is to enjoy this victory. In life, you know, you don’t get many of the opportunities to win Grand Slams. As a tennis player, that’s a pinnacle of the ambitions and of the success.vSo I try to enjoy it for few days with the people I love the most, family, friends, and team. And then after I turn to the rest of theseason. It’s Davis Cup already coming up,vindoors, clay courts, next weekend, so that’s going to be a lot of fun (smiling).vAnd then after that, obviously — there is still four or five months till the French Open. Of course, I want to go all the way in French Open.vI went to the finals last year and had a great match against Rafa, but he’s always the favorite on that surface and he’s the ultimate player to beat on clay.vBut I think if I continue on playing well, stay healthy, I can have a chance.


Q. You had tough losses to Rafa and Roger and Andy in the last three Grand Slams coming in here. Going into today, any special motivation saying that you wanted anothervGrand Slam title?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: What more motivation you need than from this trophy? Just seeing it and reading the names of the winners in last 50, 100 years, it’s incredible. To be also mentioned in the history aspect, you know, and winning three in a row, it’s a huge achievement. So I’m always motivated in every match that I play on. But of course Grand Slam finals are always bringing something new, something special to every player, and that’s where you want to perform your best.

Q. This final and last year were incredibly physical. Do you get a sense it’s taking stuff out of you or you’re just taking it in your stride?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Well, as somebody that has experiences playing on the big stage in Grand Slam finals, especially against the top guys, I expected that to happen. I tried to use that necessary experience in the past to implement that in my game, in my mental approach and mindset before this final. I didn’t expect an easy match. You never get the Grand Slam trophy in an easy way. You have to earn it. I’m very glad that I’m sittin next to it now.

Q. You spoke about Andre. Are you changing the game, too? If yes, in what aspect do you think?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I leave you guys to judge about changing the game or not. I’m just trying to play this game with 100% of devotion, love, passion, and fun also. I mean, 25 years old and I won six Grand Slams and have a lot of trophies. It’s amazing. You know, I’m just trying to embrace this moment and enjoy it as much as I can and see where tomorrow brings me.

Q. Do you switch from one surface to another surface?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: That’s why I said it’s going to be a lot of fun next weekend to see how I can adjust to clay court in indoor conditions, playing away Davis Cup, which is always tricky. But, look, you know, right now my thoughts are going in this trophy, enjoying as much as I can. Hopefully I’m going to have time to recover and get ready for that tie.

Q. Do you think you’re the funnest guy in players nowadays?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Do you think (smiling)?

Q. I also heard from some ballkids, they said you are always humor. I notice you said hello to Jie Zheng in Chinese in the press conference, too. I want to know about your philosophy in life for humor?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: It’s tough to find a rational answer for that question. But the only thing I can say is I try to enjoy what I do and every moment of the life that I have is a blessing. There is so many athletes, professional tennis players around the world and it’s such a global sport, they want to be the best in what they do. They want to succeed. Many of them, they don’t succeed in the end. I’m fortunate to have this opportunity and to succeed. I mean, what else can you do but to be happy and try to, you know, bring that joy to the other people around, especially in the tournaments. Everybody has bad days. I’m not always funny or laughing. It’s normal. But generally I’m aware of the fact that it’s an incredible trip for me, you know, being a professional tennis player.


I don’t know if you’re informed or not. I got the permission to leave tonight actually very early in the morning, not tomorrow. So I’m very sorry, and I apologize for not talking to you furthermore tomorrow.The main reason for that is because I want to get to Europe as quick as possible so I can be ready for the Davis Cup tie. I hope I find your understanding for that.

In the end, there is a little tradition that we try to initiate in World Tour Finals in London, the end of the year, the last press conference, gave chocolate to all the people who were in the press. I want to start the year with the samething, if you allow me. Let’s keep it sweet.

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